Materials & Tools


Materials & Tools


I work on canvasses, heavy weight water colour- or acrylic paper and any kind of wooden boards. This gives a stable support for using acrylic paint, modelling paste and collage items and allows working with fluids.
I apply the colours with brushes, palette knifes, scrapers, foam rolls, brayers and sometimes with my hands.

Since 2010 I have experimented a lot with handmade paint like egg tempera and oil paint on top of modelling pastes. These are mixed together from different kind of stone powder, binder and colour pigments, enriched by diverse filler materials like coffee, ash, sand or sawdust.

Other components for creating exciting surfaces were linseed oil, shellac and wax in combination with different solvents.

For the collage I use a wide array of collected unique papers from around the world. In addition, I often add other textural materials such as cloth, metal, bark, hessian, corrugated cardboard and found objects like shells, drive wood, strings, rusty metal fragments, feather or pebbles.

Joy in experimenting and no fears for getting dirty fingernails are the conditions for success.