Working Process

Working Process

I work in an abstract way, a style, where everything is possible and nothing is fixed.

I never know when I begin a piece, where I’ll go or how I’ll get there. Sometimes I work by starting with an idea, a feeling or an image that compels me. Other times I choose a special technique, material, a photo or a colour scheme which “speaks” to me as a starting point.

I let intuition and the joy of expressions guide me, as well as an innate sense of composition and feel for colors.

I work at home in my studio or in my countless and always changing outdoor “nature studios” in the world around me.

Depending on the project, my mood or working situation I use different techniques:

For example achieving interesting textures and a relief effect in my artwork I use lots of paint mixed with water, sand, binder, ash, marble powder and pigments. Another way is using a layering technique and adding linseed oil, bone glue or other dissolver to create exciting, unpredictable effects.

The last years I got a lot of inspiration from the beauty of natural surfaces like flowing water, sand dunes and structures of wood, rocks and pebbles. Another goal is to “imitate” the texture from man-made objects, such as old walls, tiles or rusty doors.

It’s a challenge for me, to show in an artistic way the variety and transformation of surfaces under the influence of nature and the “beauty” of decay……and ever changing landscape and features.

In addition, I enjoy including elements of collage into the composition like paper, wood, fabric, metal or bark.

I often incorporate numbers, symbols, letters and written fragments from different cultural backgrounds (European, Arabic, Chinese, and Hindi, Runic alphabet). It is not only an esthetical and exciting enrichment to the whole composition, but sometimes I use these elements to lead to a different interpretation and perspective of the work.